what is hypnosis?
Hypnosis can be described as a state of focused attention and receptivity.

It has a long history and has been used in the healing arts for hundreds of years.

Although there is no universal explanation for HOW hypnosis works, there are a large number of scientific studies supporting the efficacy of hypnotic states when utilized in a therapeutic context.

So, in a sense, hypnosis is a type of MAGIC.

Hypnosis is also widely accepted as being an adaptation of a natural and normal state of consciousness that occurs spontaneously and is a very pleasant experience for most people.

Hypnotic trance can be used successfully in treating in a wide range of life challenges such as chronic pain, breaking habits (e.g. smoking), anxiety and many more.

what is NLP?
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) began in the 1970s as a set of techniques to understand the underlying elements of 'genius' by modelling the conscious and unconscious behaviors of great communicators and therapists.

It has evolved into a set of processes to help evoke change in clients. Often described as 'the study of subjective experience', NLP makes it possible for people to quickly and efficiently learn how to think, behave and communicate in order to achieve specific goal.
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